Anti Inflammatory Diet


Our world today is much different that the one our ancestors grew up in.  We are in constant motion to beat the clock and to cram as much as we can in our day.  Our diets are inadequate to keep up with our stressful lives.  Most of us feel sluggish and achy due to our lifestyle.  Most patients will get counseling as a part of their treatment.  Patients are welcome to come in just for nutritional counseling as well.

Our role is to custom-design a nutritional program targeted to your unique goals and lifestyle that will yield positive, lasting results.  Counseling will cover diet, supplements to restore and maintain health and an exercise program.  Please bring any blood tests, diagnostic (x-rays, MRI, CAT scan) test results and any other information with you to the appointment to help with your treatment plan.

Nutritional Counseling

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